Delete Android apps Smart SMS Messages, Blood pressure monitor, two others to save your mobile

Apps that are intended to harm Android users have again been discovered in the Google Play Store. As ZDNet reports , there are four applications that were reported to Google by cybersecurity experts at Pradeo. Three of the apps were only created in June 2022. These could not cause much damage to Android users. However, one app has been in the store since November 2020.

The Android applications have since been removed. If you still have the apps installed on your smartphone, you should urgently delete them. It’s about:

  • Smart SMS Messages
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Voice Languages ‚Äč‚ÄčTranslator
  • Quick Text SMS

Together, the Android applications have been downloaded about 100,000 times. The so-called joker malware is hidden behind the actual functions. This malicious software works unobtrusively in the background, but can cause enormous financial damage. For example, the malware can make in-game purchases in apps without confirmation or send paid messages to various numbers. Android users often don’t realize this and are stuck with the high costs.

In the case of the apps mentioned, the malware is also said to have bypassed two-factor authentication. If you have become a victim of one of these apps yourself, uninstall them and run a scan with an antivirus program.

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